About us

"Our story is being created by three generations, each of whom has added something of their own to the estate, but they all have one thing in common: Listen to nature and don't rush it, because that's the only way to get the basis for a top-quality wine."

Our story

The first vines were planted by grandpa Franc around 1955. In 1990, his son Zdravko took over the farm, increasing the farm to the current 3.5 ha and equipping it with technology. The farm was known mainly for its open wines, especially Sauvignon. Due to the premature death of my father in 2011 I, Aleks, took over the farm that I market under the Mihelj brand name. We arranged a tasting room and a small wine cellar on the farm. Besides the fresh line, we have in recent years been paying more and more attention to mature and macerated wines, which I call "wines with soul".

Our nono and our father


Around 70 years ago, Nono Franc planted the first vines.


Tata Zdravko takes over the farm and expands it to 3.5 hectares.


I, Aleks, take over the winery, which I market under the Mihelj brand.

Our vineyards

Our vineyards are located in the central part of the Vipava Valley directly beside the Vipava River. We cultivate 3.5 ha of vineyards and produce 60% white grapes, 40% red grapes, or 25,000 litres of wine. We belong to the small to medium-sized winegrowers in the Vipava Valley. We follow a traditional approach to production and processing that we are complementing with new technology every year, which is also reflected in the quality of our wines.



Our team

Without a dedicated team, success is just a dream.

Aleks Mihelj

/ Winemaker


/ Winemaker's assistant.

Friends and family

/ main harvesters and support

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